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Incorporated on the year 1976 is established for more than 45 years.

Associated Adjusters Sdn. Bhd. (AA)

Over the years, AA has undertaken various insurance tasks assignments. Although the company has been dealing with all classes of insurance, it has indulged itself more aggressively on motor claim adjustment and investigation sector.

Thus, with its sound base in motor adjusting the company is moving into its next phase of development by expanding into non-motor business. AA which fanfaronades with experienced, well qualified and tech savvy staff’s has emerged as a market leader in the industry and have upgraded to online reporting as an adaption to current market changes and practices. 

AA with 9 strategically located branch offices nationwide within peninsular Malaysia, Sabah and Sarawak is a firm dedicated to provide excellent services in the field of Loss Adjustment emphasizing on efficiency, quality and prompt reporting to the highest standard without compromising the ethics and principles of insurance.

The prevailing unprecedented economic slowdown has exposed insurers to many harsh realities of claims management and therefore, in line with our objectives, the firm takes a pro-active approach not only in investigating losses but has stretched its limits to accumulate vital information / findings and patterns of loss to combat future doubtful claims.

The formation of the Non-Motor Department in late 2004 within AA is part of the five year development plan to bring the company to greater heights.

The new Department is staffed by experienced personnel who have gained good exposure from the non-motor claims industry. Our philosophy is to provide our clients with prompt service, professional objectivity, and expedient solutions regardless of loss value or prestige.

Our objective is to ensure and provide only high quality, value added and comprehensive cost-effective loss adjusting services in meeting clients’ needs.

Our adjusters are committed and attuned to understanding each of our clients’ needs. We recognize that today’s claims cannot be met solely by traditional responses; instead, they require innovative and responsive approach in order to bring about expeditious and fair settlement mutually agreeable by all parties.

Our management team has acquired vast knowledge and experience in handling both motor and non-motor losses. We place special emphasis on teamwork in providing integrated approach to deal with claims faced by clients. Adjusters from specialist practice areas work in close consultation with each other to ensure that the highest level of our firm’s expertise and capability are provided to all our clients.

From our experiences, handling a claim requires a full array of capabilities to manage every detail in order to achieve a fair and reasonable settlement to all parties in the contract of insurance.

We strongly believe in discharging our duties as independent investigators / surveyors without fear and favour in accordance to our role. It is our principle aim to serve insurers with precise yet prompt reporting to ensure fair and speedy action, which is the key to achieving the firm’s objectives.

Manage client claims process and assisting client with their claims

Our experience in these areas of business expose our Claims Management Specialist’s to a vast range of business issues


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